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Acoustic Signature Tango Reference Silver

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Acoustic Signature Tango Reference Silver Phono Stages
Acoustic Signature Tango Reference Silver Phono Stages
Acoustic Signature Tango Reference Silver Phono Stages
Acoustic Signature Tango Reference Silver Phono Stages
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Acoustic Signature Tango Reference Silver
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Tango Reference



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Tango Reference

Acoustic Signature


Processing the deli­cate phono signal is one of the biggest chal­len­ges that ampli­fier desig­ners have to face. That is why the Acoustic Signa­ture Tango Refe­rence is undoub­tedly the most elabo­rate phono pre­amp­lifier we have ever made.

The reso­nance-opti­mized and anti-mag­netic chassis made of a 70 mm thick and 22 kg solid alu­minum block, makes it clear how serious we are about this phono equa­lizer. The over-dimen­sioned power supply with toroi­dal trans­former is located on a sepa­rate board to ensure an absolute current stability. Both assem­blies are mounted on a special shiel­ding steel plate to avoid any inter­ference with the phono signal.

The Tango Refe­rence uses only high quality compo­nents that are indivi­dually selec­ted. In this way, its semi-active RIAA equa­lization achie­ves extre­mely accurate values with a maxi­mum devia­tion of less than 0.1 dB from the ideal curve! The elabo­rate single-ended output stage was desig­ned in Class A to gua­ran­tee minimal distor­tion as well as low hum and noise – the basis for high-reso­lution, fasci­nating 3D-imaging and invol­ving musi­cality. With its selec­table gain and 90-steps load impe­dance confi­gu­ra­tion, the Tango Refe­rence also offers optimal mat­ching options for any high-quality MM and MC cart­ridge.


Tango Reference in silver

Tango Reference in black




Tango Reference backside

Special features:

  • Phono pre­ampli­fier for MC, MI & MM cart­ridges
  • Reso­nance-opti­mized and anti­mag­netic alu­minum chassis
  • Super precise RIAA and extre­mely low distor­tion due to high quality compo­nents and single-ended output stage (Class A)
  • Extremely low hum & noise due to very short signal paths
  • Over-dimen­sioned power supply
  • Subsonic filter against low-frequency inter­fe­rences
  • 4 selec­table gain steps
  • Adjus­table load impe­dance via 90-steps DIP switch


Handmade in Germany

Test report

Review Tango Reference in Audiotechnique

“Tango Refe­rence isn’t cheap, but the price isn’t prohi­bitive, and the sound perfor­mance is well balanced and well worth the price. Whether it is the voice, the indi­vidual instru­ment or the whole orchestra, it is not only played properly, the speed and air is excel­lent, but also very balanced, not focus­sed on a specific band.”

by Thomas Leung

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Technical data

Amplification: MM: 42 ­dB,
MCH: 54­dB,
MCL: 66­dB
Input connection: RCA, MM/MC selectable
Output connection: unbalanced RCA
Operation voltage (internal power supply): 24 ­V­ DC
Channel separation: > 92­ dB (1­ kHz)
RIAA-accuracy: ±­0.1­ dB
Signal-to-noise ratio: MM: 89 ­dB,
MC: 74­ dB
Subsonic filter: yes
Dimension (WxDxH): 424 x 244 x 80 ­mm
Weight: 16 ­kg
Warranty: 2 years

Available finishes

Chassis: Black (anodized),
Silver (anodized)

Package contents

  • Tango Reference preamplifier
  • Power cord
  • Instruction manual
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