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ELAC DS-A101 Transistor
ELAC DS-A101 Transistor
ELAC DS-A101 Transistor
ELAC DS-A101 Transistor
ELAC DS-A101 Transistor
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ELAC DS-A101 Transistor
ELAC DS-A101 Transistor
ELAC DS-A101 Transistor
ELAC DS-A101 Transistor
ELAC DS-A101 Transistor
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  • Κωδικός: DS-A101
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Discovery Integrated Amplifier with Streaming – DS-A101

80 Watt-Per-Channel wireless control amp with DSP

The versatile and powerful Discovery Series DS-A101-G Wireless Integrated Amplifier is also the perfect complement to the Discovery Music Server. Together, they open up an unlimited vista of music where wireless convenience meets state-of-the-art sound. ELAC’s innovative smartphone application provides the tools for system setup, including sophisticated DSP, optimizing your subwoofer’s crossover frequency and room EQ.

This is one versatile integrated amplifier, with outstanding performance and feature-rich control flexibility. Once you experience the Discovery—especially with the new Debut or Uni-Fi loudspeakers—your world of sound just might be altered forever. Discovery does it all, at an affordable price.

An integrated amplifier for today’s world. Roon Ready®, Spotify Connect®, Dolby Digital Decoding®, Wi-Fi, and Room EQ are only the beginning.
Discover power, performance, convenience and value. The new DS-A101-G integrated amplifier strikes the perfect balance of high-quality audio reproduction, features, and value. The small form factor allows for easy placement while still providing technologies and convenience not found on competing products.

  • Amplifier:
  • BASH Digital Fidelity Tracking Amplifier
  • Power Output Continuous:
  • Two channels driven into 4 Ohms @ 1kHz: 2 x 80 WTwo channels driven into 4 Ohms @ 1kHz: 2 x 40 WTwo channels driven into 2 Ohms @ 1kHz: 2 x 70 W
  • Power Output Burst (CEA 2010*):
  • One channels driven into 4 Ohms @ 1kHz: 120 WOne channel driven into 8 Ohms @ 1kHz: 65 WOne channel driven into 2 Ohms @ 1kHz: 170 W
  • Power and THD+N , 1kHz: 
    4 Ohms 70 W @ .07%
    8 Ohms 40 W @ .03%
  • Signal-to-noise ratio (1 kHz): (Full Power Digital Input):
  •  101dB
  • Broadband Frequency Response:
  •  20Hz to 40kHz +/- 1.8dB
  • Analog Inputs:
  •  2
  • Digital Inputs:
  •  2 total; 1 optical / 1 coaxial (192kHz 24-bit)
  • Ethernet Input:
  •  1
  • Wi-Fi:
  •  Yes
  • Subwoofer Output:
  •  1
  • Pre-Amp Outputs:
  •  1 (L/R)
  • Bluetooth Audio:
  •  Yes
  • Audio Decoding
  •  Dolby Digital
  • Streaming Services:
  •  Discovery, Roon Ready, Spotify Connect, AirPlay, Bluetooth, DLNA
  • Display:
  •  OEL
  • App Control:
  •  iOS and Android control app. A Bluetooth 4.0 low-energy Android or iOS device is required to use this application
  • Room Correction:
  •  ABC (Auto Blend and Calibrate)
  • Power Off 120Vac:
  •  .86W
  • Auto-Off 120Vac:
  •  5.45W


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